Animal Healing  

Animals are often unable to express and release emotions and are usually actively discouraged from doing so. Therefore they are not released and are repressed - often causing physical symptoms to occur. In humans it is generally recognised that over 70% of modern ailments have their roots in stress and animals can also suffer from stress related illness.  Treatments for animals include Reiki, accompanied with bach flower, herbal remedies, and crystal therapy to assist traditional veterinary treatments.

Reiki can help animals immensely, it can maintain health on all levels, heal physical illness and injury, and heal emotional issues following, for example, cases of abuse or neglect. For highly strung or nervous animals Reiki induces deep relaxation and stress reduction and over time can reduce the tendency towards nervousness. It can also accelerate the healing process following surgery, illness or injury. It compliments both conventional and alternative therapys and can enhance their actions and lessen their side effects.

For an animal that is dying Reiki provides compassionate support, stress relief and makes the transitional a more peaceful experience for all concerned.

For some people and animals a Reiki treatment will affect more than the physical being. This is because Reiki finds the issues that are most in need of the healing and these are not always physical even if we think they are. Reiki will often go first to the deepest issues then work outwards through associated issues over a series of treatments.

Animals like humans can become ill when emotional matters have not been resolved and released. Reiki helps animals to let go of unresolved emotional issues and move into the present and the future with a lighter heart and mind. This makes Reiki fantastic for animals with behavioural problems or suffering the effects of past abuse.

For animals that are healthy, Reiki helps to maintain their health and well-being, enhances relaxation and provides an emotional sense of peace and contentment.

The result of a Reiki treatment can be seen in the improved health of animals or humans on all levels, it can only bring about healing and never do harm.


What does an animal treatment involve?

A consultation and assessment will take place before any treatment. Giving Reiki to an animal involves the practitioner putting their hands lightly on or near the animals body. Different hand positions are used to correspond with the chakras (energy centres). Often the animal will go into a state of deep relaxation or sleep. Animals love Reiki, they seem intuitively to understand its power to heal. Some animals are immediately open to Reiki, others may take longer to adjust. Animals must be able to choose not to accept the healing, and space to move around if they wish. They may also move away when they have taken the amount of Reiki they require.

For horses their routines should be unaffected and a quiet time should be chosen, either in the stable or standing outside, the owner needs to present for the treatment, they can also benefit from the treatment, if for example, they are holding the lead rope. 

In addition, recommendations can be given for Bach flower remedies and herbs to assist in the healing process.